Immortality and Chaos (Epic fantasy series)

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(prequel to the Chaos and Retribution series)

No one ever survives the fiery Gur al Krin desert. Until one man does.

That man is Wulf Rome, and when he gets his orders to chase marauders into the Gur al Krin desert, he knows the king has finally decided to eliminate his too-popular general. What he doesn’t know is he is about to cause the end of the world.

Somehow Wulf Rome survives both the marauders and the desert, but he ends up in a lost catacomb deep beneath the desert sands, where he finds a strange axe embedded in a massive, unnatural wall. When he pulls it free, he unleashes a nightmare of epic proportions.

Now it looks like the apocalypse has come. Monsters and diseases plague the land. There is no defense, no enemy even to strike against.

Out of the chaos a mysterious stranger calling himself Lowellin appears. Lowellin claims to be immortal. He claims to be the world’s only hope. But the weapons he offers the land’s beleaguered defenders are dangerous and chaotic and Wulf Rome soon begins to doubt his true motives.

Thus does immortality sow the seeds of chaos…