Ace Lone Wolf rides again!

Drum roll please…

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present a sneak peek at the next installment of the Lone Wolf Howls series. It begins, predictably enough, with Ace getting himself into trouble yet again. (Trouble does seem to follow him, doesn’t it?)

The story picks up a few days after The Black Pearl Treasure leaves off. I’m revising the tale now and it should be out in January…


As Coyote and I ride down the street, I’m thinking that San Diego doesn’t look like such a bad town. I’ve only passed one saloon so far and I didn’t hear any gunshots coming from it at all. They even have a brick building, a hotel, and it’s two stories tall. The people I pass don’t reach for their guns—shoot, some of them aren’t even carrying guns—and one lady stepping out of a carriage nods when I tip my hat to her.

Unfortunately, that nod turns into a look of fear when my long black hair, which I’d tucked up under my hat before entering town—I don’t look so Apache that way—falls out. But she doesn’t scream or anything so it all works out okay.

All in all, I have a good feeling about San Diego. Once I find someone to buy these black pearls Beckwourth gave me, I’ll have money again. Maybe I’ll stick around for a few days, sleep in a bed and eat someone else’s cooking. Buy some new duds. Mine are looking a little tattered after all I’ve been through lately. Continue reading “Ace Lone Wolf rides again!”

What’s a half million words between friends?

So I spent almost 30 years doing the “traditional” writer thing: turn out a book every few years. Spend a crapload of time writing and re-writing my query letter. Submit said letter and sample chapters to various agents and editors. Wait months for a form rejection letter (or to be completely ignored). Rinse and repeat.

By the end of last year I realized it wasn’t going to work. I’d had a couple of agents over the years, but that never went anywhere. It had gotten to the point where most of the agents and editors I queried didn’t even respond–even those who specifically said they were looking for new writers. It was either give up my dream of being a full-time author or try something drastically different. Continue reading “What’s a half million words between friends?”

Do you like fantasy? Cuz here comes the box set!

At long last, the event you have all been waiting breathlessly for: the unveiling of the long-awaited box set of my epic fantasy series. (C’mon, at least act like you’ve been waiting breathlessly.)

Drum roll, please…

Beautiful, isn’t it?

It contains all five books of the Immortality and Chaos fantasy series (formerly known as The Devastation Wars). Bought separately they’d cost you 23 smackers, so it’s a bargain at $9.99 (ebook. No paperback version yet).

What’s it about, you ask?

When two soldiers are tricked into removing an artifact buried deep beneath the burning sands, they release something that no one, neither gods nor men, can control…

Here’s an excerpt:

A scream came from the depths of the canyon.

General Wulf Rome held up a hand and the forty mounted soldiers strung out on the ridge behind him came to a halt. He stared down into the narrow canyon and swore softly.

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Ace Lone Wolf and the Lost Temple of Totec – Chapter 8


prison-1198488-1280x960“Pleasure to meet you,” I say to the bear shambling toward me as Randy locks the cell door behind me. “I’d shake your hand but…” I look back over my shoulder at Randy and waggle my bound hands at him. “A little help here?”

Randy spits tobacco juice on the floor. Apparently he never heard of a spittoon. “Help is something you ain’t going to get.” He looks at the bear. “Have fun, Horace. Don’t go easy on him. He’s the one kilt the marshal.”

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Ace Lone Wolf and the Lost Temple of Totec – Chapter 7

weapon-1506220_640There’s lots of things I don’t understand about the white man and one of them is his strange attachment to his hat. Most men would rather lose their pants than their hat. They’re also oddly honorable when it comes to hats. The same man who will shoot you for looking at him cross-eyed, or gut you for a pinch of gold dust, will treat your hat like it’s a sacred object.

Which is why I’m not too surprised when, just before we ride out, someone picks my hat up and jams it down on my head. I find it oddly reassuring. I’m going to be hanged, but at least I’ve got my hat.

Maybe I’m starting to catch on.

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Ace Lone Wolf and the Lost Temple of Totec – Chapter 6

A red barn in early morning on the ranch against high mountain landscape

“What do we got here?”

The voice comes from very far away. I want to ignore it and go back to sleep, but it seems important somehow that I don’t. Besides, someone is kicking me in the ribs and I ought to tell them why they should stop.

I moan and try to roll away. In my defense, it is a very defiant moan. But it seems to make no difference.

“Get up, damn you!” Hands grab the front of my coat and drag me to my feet. Someone slaps my face good and hard. I open my eyes.

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Ace Lone Wolf and the Lost Temple of Totec – Chapter 5


For a long moment everyone just stands there stunned. The safe is completely gone. Nothing to show where it is but a little muddy water, already swirling away. Maybe a couple of bubbles. That was some soft mud.

“Son of a bitch!” Boyce shouts.

Without any warning he lunges at me, growling, his arms spread wide. He’s got two inches and thirty pounds on me. I need some room to move. I step back—

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