Ace Lone Wolf and the Lost Temple of Totec – Chapter 2

ace-lone-wolfd5-v2“What is it?” Boyce snarls. He’s not a patient man.

“We take it with us,” I say.

His face twists up just like I knew it was going to. “That’s the biggest damnfool idea I ever heard,” he snaps. “Were you planning on putting it in your pocket?”

“You didn’t let me finish.”

“Oh, good, there’s more to your brilliant plan.”

“You got a lasso don’t you?” I ask Grady. He nods. “How about you, Slow Eye?” He nods too. Timmons nods before I can ask him. I turn back to Boyce. “We drag it with the horses. Haul it up that rocky knob off to the south and push it off the cliff. That oughtta bust it open.”

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