Cuteness attacks!

Note: picture is not actual size. Ten years on, he’s much larger.

I came across this old picture of my younger son, Daniel, recently, and all I could think was: What the heck is he doing?

Maybe I shouldn’t have let him watch the Exorcist at such a young age?

Whatever he’s doing, it’s clearly frightening his older brother, Dylan, who is obviously cowering in fear in the background.

Then I looked a little further into the folder and I found these. What was going on in our house back then? Was it a new kind of dance? Did he get into the Nyquil?




I offer these as a public service to the world. If you see your child behaving in this way, be sure and take pictures. You are witnessing an attack of cuteness and believe me, when they become teenagers, there aren’t nearly as many of those.

You have been warned.

A moment to reflect

DSCN1172By 2005 I’d had enough. My custom electronics business, while very successful, was destroying me. I was stressed all the time, I lost weight, I couldn’t sleep, I drank too much.

Worst of all was what it was doing to my family. I was fighting with my wife and neglecting my children, who were 6 and 4 at the time. Even when I was home, I couldn’t leave work.

So I quit. We moved to Tucson and the kids started attending a charter school, named Presidio. They liked it and so, after their first year I applied for and got a job teaching high school English there (the school is K-12).

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A moment of gratitude

Inspired by a blog post I read recently, I want to take a moment to be grateful. I’m as guilty as anyone of getting caught up in running always for the next accomplishment, the next purchase, the next thing I don’t have. When I do this, I forget to be grateful for what I already have and how blessed I feel.

I’m grateful for my wife, Claudia. Soon we will have twenty years of marriage. (How we met.) I still can’t believe it sometimes. I grew up surrounded by divorce. I sort of figured it would happen to me. Yet here we are, not just together, but closer than ever. When I think there are no new depths in our relationship, new depths come along.

I’m grateful for my sons, Dylan, 16, and Daniel, 14. They’re teenagers who for some reason still enjoy spending time with me. I’m not sure why. At their age I didn’t want to spend time with my parents. We barely spoke. Each of them is known to give me hugs now and then…sometimes for no reason at all. I took them to a concert last weekend and at one point I was standing there with them flanking me, one already taller than me, one soon to be taller, and all I could think was that surely nothing could be finer than to stand there with them, so proud of the men they are growing up to be.

I’ve got lots more to be grateful for too, like work that fulfills me, a great home, my health, and so on, but I’m going to leave it at this for now. I have so much. And I am grateful.

(Thanks to Theodora Goss and her wonderful post on gratitude.)