The Chaos continues!

Chaos and Retribution, that is. Yep, book 2 of my new fantasy series, Sky Touched, just came out a couple of days ago. It continues the stories of Fen, Aislin and Karliss, three young people with the powers of Stone, Sea and Sky.

They’ve done some growing up since the last book. Fen’s still trying to hide his power, trying to deny it altogether actually, but it’s getting harder and harder to do so and it looks like it might cause him to lose the person he cares about most.

Aislin’s situation is different. She has no qualms about using her power at all. The problem is that she is disconnected from others. She has no empathy and doesn’t really care for anyone. Combine that with a volatile temper and power over water, and if she doesn’t figure out some things soon, someone is going to get hurt. Or even killed.

Karliss is learning that all those years of fooling around and not taking his power seriously comes with a cost. His clan needs him now. They need his power over the air, but he has a lot of catching up to do and events aren’t waiting on him.

To celebrate the release of Sky Touched, book 1, Stone Bound, is on sale for a limited time for 99 cents. Go pick one up. What do you have to lose? (Other than a buck, of course.)

Sample Chapters:

Chapter One: Karliss

Karliss crouched on the hilltop beside Ihbarha, wind shaman for his clan, and knew his life had changed forever. Ihbarha’s mouth was open. His eyes stared vacantly at nothing. “Bagesh!” he whispered urgently. “Bagesh, wake up!”

Nothing. There was no sign of recognition in those glassy eyes. The ritual had gone bad, and Ihbarha had paid the price. His mind was gone, torn away by the wind. Continue reading “The Chaos continues!”

Amazon giveaway!

wreckersgate-iandc-coverClick here to win a free copy of the first book in my epic fantasy series, Immortality and Chaos.

Because, who doesn’t like free stuff?

99 cent promo. Over 100 authors.

WG 3D coverIf you like fantasy, it’s worth checking this out. A whole lot of books on sale (including my own, Wreckers Gate, which is book 1 of my 5-book epic fantasy series, which is complete.)

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Cue the band and drop the confetti!

The happy face of the (temporarily) satisfied author

Whew! Just made it!

Here I am finishing the revision of Landsend Plateau, book 2 in my epic fantasy series. Just in time to get the changes uploaded and ready to go for the big promotion tomorrow (special price of 99 cents on Amazon).

A little background: The series is called The Devastation Wars and it’s complete, all five books. However, once I finished it, I decided to go back through the whole series and do a teeny bit of revising, just to polish it, you know?

That teeny bit? It turned into six weeks on book 1 (Wreckers Gate) and four weeks on book 2 (Landsend Plateau). Geez, what a perfectionist.

But I’m happy with the results. The overall story is unchanged, but the scenes are a lot tighter, loose crap has been cut out, characters given more time to develop, crazy monsters and powers make more sense.

Now it’s time to look at the last three books in the series. They just need a teeny bit of tweaking…

(What, exactly, is name your own price?)

Final revision done on Wreckers Gate (for now?)

WG digital coverSo I recently finished the fifth, and final, book of my epic fantasy series, The Devastation Wars. (Yay!) It has been quite a journey.

However, being the perfectionist that I am, I immediately started thinking about all the little things I could clean up now in the earlier books. I know my characters much better now than I did while writing book 1, so why not pep them up a little? (PS New cover coming soon too! If I can just get this artist I found to respond to my emails.)

Also, there’s the fact that I didn’t know how the story would end until right up at the end. I didn’t know a lot of important things, like what Rome’s black axe really is or what the Pente Akka is. Heck, I didn’t even know where Xochitl is.

Continue reading “Final revision done on Wreckers Gate (for now?)”

Getting compared to heavy company!

WG digital coverCheck out this review. Any time I get compared to both Tolkien and George R.R. Martin in the same review, well, let’s just say I can live with that!

(And no, I did not pay for this review, though I have a strong urge to add the reviewer to my Christmas card list. That’s if, you know, I ever have one.)

“Author Eric T Knight masterfully combines both religion and tradition, clashing the two with magic and nature by building a world that is beautiful and unique, yet familiar and captivating. His powerful imagery of what is real and imaginary enthralls the reader, sucking them into each of the characters’ heads and letting them empathize with each of their perspectives. Wreckers Gate has a fascinating plot, unforgettable characters, and a vast world that readers can immerse themselves in. But don’t venture too far into the spirit world of Pente Akka, for you may not return.

“However, if you like Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings, you will love this novel.

Read the whole review: We Said It:: Eric T. Knight’s “Wreckers Gate”

Buy this book, and others, direct from the author and name your own price!

Eric Knight

Over 500 copies went out the door!

WG digital coverSo I was involved in this multi-author promotion over the weekend, sort of like a flea market where a number of independent authors got together (digitally, of course) and said, hey, check it out. Here’s some books and we’re having a sale!

It went great. More than 500 copies of Wreckers Gate, which is the first book in my epic fantasy series, The Devastation Wars, went out the door. Awesome!

PS: Book 5, the final book in the series, is just about to come out.

Eric Knight