Final revision done on Wreckers Gate (for now?)

WG digital coverSo I recently finished the fifth, and final, book of my epic fantasy series, The Devastation Wars. (Yay!) It has been quite a journey.

However, being the perfectionist that I am, I immediately started thinking about all the little things I could clean up now in the earlier books. I know my characters much better now than I did while writing book 1, so why not pep them up a little? (PS New cover coming soon too! If I can just get this artist I found to respond to my emails.)

Also, there’s the fact that I didn’t know how the story would end until right up at the end. I didn’t know a lot of important things, like what Rome’s black axe really is or what the Pente Akka is. Heck, I didn’t even know where Xochitl is.

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Getting compared to heavy company!

WG digital coverCheck out this review. Any time I get compared to both Tolkien and George R.R. Martin in the same review, well, let’s just say I can live with that!

(And no, I did not pay for this review, though I have a strong urge to add the reviewer to my Christmas card list. That’s if, you know, I ever have one.)

“Author Eric T Knight masterfully combines both religion and tradition, clashing the two with magic and nature by building a world that is beautiful and unique, yet familiar and captivating. His powerful imagery of what is real and imaginary enthralls the reader, sucking them into each of the characters’ heads and letting them empathize with each of their perspectives. Wreckers Gate has a fascinating plot, unforgettable characters, and a vast world that readers can immerse themselves in. But don’t venture too far into the spirit world of Pente Akka, for you may not return.

“However, if you like Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings, you will love this novel.

Read the whole review: We Said It:: Eric T. Knight’s “Wreckers Gate”

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Eric Knight

Over 500 copies went out the door!

WG digital coverSo I was involved in this multi-author promotion over the weekend, sort of like a flea market where a number of independent authors got together (digitally, of course) and said, hey, check it out. Here’s some books and we’re having a sale!

It went great. More than 500 copies of Wreckers Gate, which is the first book in my epic fantasy series, The Devastation Wars, went out the door. Awesome!

PS: Book 5, the final book in the series, is just about to come out.

Eric Knight