The Chaos continues!

Chaos and Retribution, that is. Yep, book 2 of my new fantasy series, Sky Touched, just came out a couple of days ago. It continues the stories of Fen, Aislin and Karliss, three young people with the powers of Stone, Sea and Sky.

They’ve done some growing up since the last book. Fen’s still trying to hide his power, trying to deny it altogether actually, but it’s getting harder and harder to do so and it looks like it might cause him to lose the person he cares about most.

Aislin’s situation is different. She has no qualms about using her power at all. The problem is that she is disconnected from others. She has no empathy and doesn’t really care for anyone. Combine that with a volatile temper and power over water, and if she doesn’t figure out some things soon, someone is going to get hurt. Or even killed.

Karliss is learning that all those years of fooling around and not taking his power seriously comes with a cost. His clan needs him now. They need his power over the air, but he has a lot of catching up to do and events aren’t waiting on him.

To celebrate the release of Sky Touched, book 1, Stone Bound, is on sale for a limited time for 99 cents. Go pick one up. What do you have to lose? (Other than a buck, of course.)

Sample Chapters:

Chapter One: Karliss

Karliss crouched on the hilltop beside Ihbarha, wind shaman for his clan, and knew his life had changed forever. Ihbarha’s mouth was open. His eyes stared vacantly at nothing. “Bagesh!” he whispered urgently. “Bagesh, wake up!”

Nothing. There was no sign of recognition in those glassy eyes. The ritual had gone bad, and Ihbarha had paid the price. His mind was gone, torn away by the wind. Continue reading “The Chaos continues!”

Ace Lone Wolf and the One-Eyed Mule Skinner – chapter 10


An early semi, the 20-mule team wagon!

Doc waves goodbye as the wagon pulls out of town, Lou driving, me on the seat next to him—uh, her. That’s an idea that’s going to take some getting used to. I take a sideways peek at Lou, trying to see what Doc sees.

I don’t know. Maybe Doc is wrong on this one. Lou looks like a regular man to me.

“You done staring at me yet?” Lou growls.

“I wasn’t staring.”

“The hell you weren’t. You looking for something in particular, or you just the starin’ type?” Continue reading “Ace Lone Wolf and the One-Eyed Mule Skinner – chapter 10”

Ace Lone Wolf and the One-Eyed Mule Skinner – chapter 9

hollidayandbowler“Is this the feller you were talking about? He don’t look like much to me.”

“He’s looked better, I allow.”

The words come from far away and through a haze of pain. My head feels like a team of men have been at work inside it with pickaxes. I try to swallow, but my tongue is bigger than my mouth and it feels like my cheeks are full of sawdust.

“Come on, Ace. Get up. I got you a job.” It’s Doc. Continue reading “Ace Lone Wolf and the One-Eyed Mule Skinner – chapter 9”

Ace Lone Wolf and the One-Eyed Mule Skinner – chapter 8

1897_saloon_blackhawkDoc comes out with my glass and chair. He sets them down and pumps my hand. “Ace Lone Wolf, as I live and breathe.” He starts coughing and has to bring out his hanky. His coughing fit over, he looks at the blood on the cloth before putting it away. “Well, as I live anyway.”

We sit down. “You look good, Doc. All healed up from that gut wound.” That’s not entirely true. Doc looks a bit pale and his clothes are loose on him.

He waves it off and pours me some whiskey. “I told you it was nothing but a scratch. No way a skunk like Ike Clanton is killing me. If a man’s going to shoot me down, it’s going to be a man of quality.” Continue reading “Ace Lone Wolf and the One-Eyed Mule Skinner – chapter 8”

Ace Lone Wolf and the One-Eyed Mule Skinner – chapter 7

ed_schieffelin_in_tombstone_year_1880It’s afternoon when I ride into Tombstone. It feels like a lifetime has gone by since I was last here, but the town looks the same. Dust, sagging, unpainted buildings, signs creaking in the wind.

Maybe it was a lifetime. A lot happened after we left here. Getting chased by the Scalphunters, captured by Kosterlitzky, blowing up the General’s hacienda. And let’s not forget Totec’s temple. Was that thing really a god? I hope I never find out. Continue reading “Ace Lone Wolf and the One-Eyed Mule Skinner – chapter 7”

Ace Lone Wolf and the One-Eyed Mule Skinner – chapter 6

24246509770_2dd9d9606d_bI never do see any sign of pursuit from either the Yaquis or Ike and his idiot partner. Maybe they all bled to death from throwing knives at each other.

Coyote and I head north for the border. I’m still broke but I have my pistols and my hat back. That’s what counts. Luke was right about one thing. The hat does smell. But I reckon that’s from being on his ugly head. I’ll dunk it in a river if I ever see one with water in it.

It’s about the middle of the afternoon and I’m coming up on about where the border should be—no one really knows where, exactly, it is, not even the two governments involved—when I see someone familiar in the distance. Continue reading “Ace Lone Wolf and the One-Eyed Mule Skinner – chapter 6”

Ace Lone Wolf and the One-Eyed Mule Skinner – chapter 5

drunk-148530_960_720The six of them settle in to some serious drinking then. As the bottles get lighter, the mood does too. There’s yelling and laughing, even some snatches of song from Ike and Luke, though those usually end after a verse or two with the men arguing about what the words are.

The drunker they get, the better I feel about my chances of pulling this off. At the rate they’re going, I’ll be able to waltz on in and take anything and everything I want.

Ike wanders off to take a piss, and when he gets back he says, “You know what this shindig needs? A game!” Continue reading “Ace Lone Wolf and the One-Eyed Mule Skinner – chapter 5”