What the heck? Where’s the next book, Eric?

I’ve been hearing that a lot recently. People email me and say, “In the front of your book is says the next book in the Chaos and Retribution series is coming out in the spring, but I don’t see it. What’s up? You’re not pulling a George Martin on us, are you?”

It’s time to set the record straight.

Book 4 isn’t coming out this spring. (Go ahead, throw things. Get it out of your system. I can wait.)


Book 4 is written. It needs editing , but it’s there. And Book 5 is well under way.

You want another reason to throw things? Neither of them is coming out until late Fall.

But why?

I could say it’s because I want to finish the whole story first. That way I can make sure it all makes sense. Dropping one book at a time, it’s easy to get to the end of the story and go, gosh, that didn’t work out quite right. If only I’d done this one thing differently back in book 4. If only I wouldn’t have killed off my main character, when I actually need him still.

I think that’s a good reason for a delay, don’t you?

I could also so it’s because I, personally, like to binge my favorites. I don’t want to read a book and then wait months (or years) for the next volume. I want it now! By doing it this way, I can release books 4-6 in rapid order, so no long wait times between books. (You see, I’m looking out for you all!)

But there’s an even bigger reason.

In early February I began re-publishing my first fantasy series, Immortality and Chaos, with new covers and a new map. Basically, I did everything wrong the first time I published that series and the re-launch was a chance to do things properly and see if I couldn’t get the books to sell.

I’m happy to say that it’s been a resounding success! Since early February when Wreckers Gate was re-launched, I’ve sold over 10,000 books and had over 8 million pages read in Kindle Unlimited. Woohoo! (Compare those numbers to last year, when I sold 7180 books and had 1.6 million page reads, and the year before, when I sold 1220 books and had 51,000 page reads.) It’s safe to say the arrow has been pointing upwards. Let’s hope it stays that way.

Anyway, that took up a lot of my time. But it was also strangely exhausting, in a way I’d never expected. Being able to make a living with my writing is a dream going back more than 30 years. During that time I’ve spent countless hours poking away at the keyboard, getting up early in the morning, endlessly rewriting blurbs and query letters.

My reward was tons of rejections from agents and editors and utterly lackluster sales in Kindle. Over and over the message from the world was, “Give it up, kid. You’re not going to make it.” (And in the late 2000’s I did actually quit writing for a couple of years, I was so discouraged.)

So when the unthinkable finally happened? It was utterly emotionally exhausting. For a month or two I was on a constant roller coaster, swinging from wild enthusiasm and hope, to crushing certainty that this was only going to be another gut punch.

And it affected my writing. During that time I did finish the rough draft of book 4, but when I went back and looked at it I could see that it lacked a spark that the others have. It would have been a disservice to those of you who are enjoying the series to release it that way.

The good news is I’ve finally got my feet back under me. I did a lot of work to Book 4 and improved it a lot already. Book 5 is chugging along. I’ve written 28k words on it in just over a week (the finished book will run around 120k words, for perspective). The ideas are flowing. The characters are perking up and coming back to life. It’s all looking quite promising.

And there you have it. Now you know what’s what. (That is, if you didn’t look at this post and go, Nope, too long. In that case, there’s a quick synopsis for you at the bottom!)

PS There is a fourth Ace Lone Wolf book, for those of you who are fans. It will come out in a few months when I re-launch that series as well. In the meantime, soon there will be a free prequel Ace story for you to munch on.

TL;DR Eric is late with the next book in the new fantasy series. This is because Eric has been very tired due to actually making a living as an author. Books 4-6 will all come out close together in late Fall.


14 thoughts on “What the heck? Where’s the next book, Eric?

  1. Joshua A Prather

    You are so much worse than George Martin could ever have been. I would have never even started your series if I hadn’t seen that this was a three-book series and read your comments about not doing this to people. You can justify it however you want, but I will never read another title with your name on it. To take it a step further, where you are always asking for reviews, I will go back in and make sure they are all proper reviews. You see, I waited until I got to the end of the series 2 review any of your books. Now I can make sure I do it right.


    1. Well, I can see where you’re upset that the story didn’t conclude in 3 books, Joshua. I’m sorry for the confusion. I never said anywhere that the tale would be a trilogy. At any rate, it’s not like I’m making readers wait years for the next books. The final three will be out around the end of this year, which is only a little over a year since the first 3 were released, a pretty fast pace all and all. I hope you’re not really planning on giving poor reviews to the first series all because the second series didn’t wrap up when you thought it would, but I guess there is nothing I can do about it.


  2. Jeremy

    I bought the three books because it’s sold as a trilogy and being that there are only three types of elemental power, it also made sense that I could buy and read the series straight through. At the 80% point of the 3rd book I was mightily confused because I saw no way that it could be wrapped up so quickly. Then the abrupt ending. I’m very happy with the books and the world, but having put something like book 3 (of 6) would make things much more clear to future readers. At the rate I read books, I will get way off track now coming back to the series. Kind of frustrating just finding this out now.


    1. Yeah, that makes sense. Amazon doesn’t give me any way to note that it’s 3 of 6 or whatever in the title area, but I can go add it to the blurb down at the end. At least some people will probably see it there. I’ll go take care of it now.


  3. Monica

    Ummm, killed off a main character in book 4? I do hope that’s just an example of what could happen, not what has happened… Thank you for considering our bingeing needs and I will impatiently wait. I wasn’t sure I’d like the first series just because Lewellin creeped me out (and I was quite pleased with his demise). But once into part two of the first book, I found I have no time to read anything else! Your writing is quite elegant and I thoroughly enjoy the story and the pace. Very nice balance. You’ve entered my favorite author list up at the top with Michael J Sullivan. Keep em coming, thanks for all the work.


  4. Wow, Monica, being grouped with Michael Sullivan is high praise indeed! Thank you. Your words have made my day. (I didn’t see them earlier because I was on a road trip with my son.) I’m hard at work on book 6 as we speak and it’s coming along great. PS Don’t worry about the main characters. I love them too much to see something bad happen to them!


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