Dungeons & Dragons and Reader Psychology

Chris Fox Writes

hurricane_dice_bannerI’ve been a dice carrying geek since I was six. For those not familiar with games like Dungeons & Dragons, you sit around a table method acting. Each person assumes the role of a character, and one person is the game master. The game master helps the players interact with a shared, fictional world.

Being a game master offered an incredible opportunity to learn storytelling. Every day after school we’d get together, and my friends would expect me to weave a tale to entertain them.

I learned about plot, conflict, and characterization. Every game session honed my craft. I’d get immediate feedback, because it I used a lame story idea or trope, the players would tell me. This proved to be immensely powerful, because I was learning reader psychology without evening understanding what I was doing.


Years of careful observation taught me that different people played for different reasons

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